Editorial Philosophy

Take a glimpse at how Eurosport designs qualitative, premium and innovative programmes.

Delivering quality and live content first, Eurosport produces authentic, premium and innovative content. We combine our expertise, passion and resources to develop high-value programmes and offer unrivalled coverage to viewers in 99 countries, in 21 languages.

To share the best sport experience, we provide viewers with the widest editorial offer, including 50% of live programming as well as thrilling magazines and prime-time entertainment shows. In a rapidly and ever-changing world, we explore trends, niches and seek tomorrow’s hot, new and emerging disciplines to develop innovative programmes, inspired by storytelling and documentary approaches.

We broadcast must-see premium events such as Grand Slam tennis tournaments, major international cycling tours, skiing competitions, football and athletic championships. Before, during and after events, our world-class journalists and consultants enrich the fan experience with their sharp analysis. They showcase players and athletes in a unique way, without favouring a discipline or a nation, inviting viewers behind the scenes with emotional and entertaining interviews. Special emphasis is put on local coverage, as we believe it creates a stronger interest and bond.

Thanks to talented female and male crews around the globe,  and latest technologies, we bring viewers to the heart of action with 360-degree angles and perspectives. Our HD and multi-feed services offer premium events filmed from multiple angles and feature both sports stars and rookies.