Our Partners

The Rights Acquisitions team is at the heart of Eurosport, it negotiates sports properties media rights with the most prestigious international federations. We believe content is key to creating great value for our business.

We develop a host of partnerships with over 120 federations and organizers (e.g.: FIFA, UEFA, FIS, Bundesliga, etc.) to acquire rights, from Europe to Asia-Pacific, and also locally. With a large portfolio of premium and exclusive rights for major international events, we aim at becoming tomorrow’s major international sports hub.

Eurosport acquires the best and most exclusive content for its viewers and offers premium services such as simulcast, catch-up broadcasting, 360HD multi-feed, VOD and NVOD.

Visibility on Eurosport enables federations to benefit from major assets:

  • Strong brand awareness to activate and enhance the sport image
  • Over 50% of live programming
  • Editorial quality and expertise
  • Powerful distribution in 91 countries
  • Synergy and expanding network