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Contrary to one might think, is neither Eurosport’s corporate website nor an online TV programme guide. It is an unrivalled media platform providing real-time sports news and live coverage of premium events. Number 1 online sport brand in Europe, has an average of 20 million unique visitors per month in Europe, among which 40% are mobile phone and tablet users.

After a complete overhaul of the website in April 2014, we now propose an enhanced visual experience, a more responsive design and unique features such as a personalised newsfeed. The new version also offers a wide range of alternative content (blog posts, Social Media, partner websites) and features such as illustrations of our commentators’ analysis via photos, videos, tweets and data. brings daily, exclusive and qualitative news from morning to late night. Our talented journalists produce original content to be shared on Social Media and viewed anywhere, anytime, on any device. We capture unforgettable sporting moments in dynamic and powerful videos (short clips, animated slideshows, storytelling narratives, etc.) to make sure you never miss the climax of an event. Exclusive live coverage provides viewers with an enriched live experience. We like to describe our platform as a digital stadium where experts and fans alike can gather and chat about sports performances, whether they are in their living rooms, on the go or in the stadium.

Available in 16 versions and 10 languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Swedish), our platform has a strong local presence. All content is produced directly in our local editorial offices in the target languages. Local content adds strong value, as this means tailor-made information in a local cultural angle.