February 25 2019

Eurosport to enhance customer experience on platforms by introducing skippable ads

February 25 2019

Eurosport today announced it has taken steps to improve customer experience by making full-length adverts skippable on its free digital platform and the Eurosport app.

The initiative, activated from tomorrow (26 February), will give visitors to Eurosport’s digital platforms (excluding Eurosport Player) the opportunity to skip pre-roll ads on free content after six seconds. As well as enhancing the consumer experience, the changes will also offer potential advertising partners the flexibility to utilise video ads as short as six seconds to meet their communications objectives.

David Fisher, VP Digital Ad Sales, said: “We believe that six second ads offer the perfect opportunity to deliver a brand message whilst not alienating users. We hope our advertisers take on the challenge of delivering great six second copy - but if only a thirty second ad will do, having the skip functionality enabled and putting our users first can only be beneficial to our advertising partners.”

Launched in 1999, enjoys over 2.1m unique daily visitors with over 24.5m video views each month and has become the go-to destination for sports fans across the globe, covering everything from tennis to football and winter sports to cycling. Eurosport’s app, meanwhile, gives users the opportunity to engage with content anywhere, anytime.