Ad solutions

According to your KPIs and values, we craft tailor-made creative 360° campaign solutions.

Eurosport designs inspirational advertising solutions for international advertisers. We craft tailor-made creative 360° campaign solutions that meet your KPIs and values.

Through our powerful multimedia platforms, along with the Broadcasting Department’s editorial line, we develop high-quality custom brand content strategies to reach our upmarket, loyal and committed audience, locally and internationally.

Eurosport has a powerful asset – the viewers’ loyalty and passion for sports. We believe a storytelling approach sparks an emotion in your target audience, delivering a deep engagement with your advertising messages. Storytelling is efficient at every phase of the Purchase Funnel. According to your KPIs, we walk you through the most adapted solution, by raising brand awareness, improving brand image, leveraging sponsorships and inducing online purchasing. For local campaigns, for example, such methods stir up a bond between TV viewers and players/athletes when invited behind the scenes.

Today’s multiple digital platforms (web and mobile) enable new, unrivalled opportunities: geolocating of ad messages in several countries and languages.

We provide multilingual editorial solutions for numerous sectors (travel and tourism, luxury industry, sporting goods, automotive industry, high-tech) and in a variety of formats:

  • TV: spots, billboards, ad jingles, editorial integration, short programmes
  • Web: MPU and banners, expandable ads, video channels, video pre-rolls, homepage takeovers
  • Mobile/tablets: banners, interstitials, video pre-rolls, HTML5.